Committee Nominations

The annual Call for Nominations seeks members for College committees and is announced in Pathology Today in early July with a closing date highlighted. To see all College Boards, discipline committees and other committees please click on ‘Governance’ in the menu to your left and view the RCPA Governance Structure.

Committee roles: please go to Policy Manual (under Library tab) and choose Terms of Reference (TOR). Other sections, like Policies, Guidelines, Roles and Responsibilities refer to aspects of committee roles. Members may include a Chair, Deputy Chair, Discipline representatives, other representatives (eg, Faculties/NZ/QAP/external orgs), members, co-opted members, fellow less than 6 years, a Trainee. A committee term is 2 years and can be renewed twice via nomination to a maximum of 6 years in a position. (Board of Directors (BOD) appointments are detailed in the RCPA Constitution).

Nomination Process: complete and return the form to go to the Board of Directors. For BOD positions if there is more than one nomination for a position an election is required as per the Constitution. For other committees a decision is made by the Board of Directors. Following the College AGM (in mid-November) all new positions are approved and the College database updated. New terms start 1 December each year and a committee list and general information is sent out to each committee.

Nomination forms for currently available positions which have been advertised in Pathology Today are listed below.

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