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The RCPA Continuing Professional Development Program (RCPA CPDP) has been designed and updated to meet the strengthened CPD requirements for specialists registered with: 

  • The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) 
  • The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) 
  • The Dental Board of Australia (DBA) 
  • The Dental Council, New Zealand (DCNZ) 

The CPDP is developed, promoted, monitored, and evaluated by the Board of Education and Assessment. Significant changes to the program are endorsed by the Board of Directors.
Participation is compulsory for all registered specialists in active medical or dental practice in Australia or New Zealand. This includes Joint Fellows, Fellows of Faculties, and Affiliates of the RCPA. International members are required to participate in the RCPA program or an equivalent formally structured program in their country of domicile.

Participation in the RCPA CPDP is required for Faculty of Science Fellows. Approved programs offered by recognised scientific or academic organisations may satisfy requirements for this purpose.

Requirements of the program are flexible so as, to accommodate the needs of different member types in various disciplines and jurisdictions. Please refer to the relevant Information Manual below and Requirements page for further information.

Latest updates/news
  • Background information on the CPD standards and RCPA CPD: see here
  • A reminder that all RCPA members should be up to date with all their RCPA CPD requirements as per the RCPA CPD policy and also comply with RCPA “Recency of Practice” requirements. If you have any queries regarding your situation, please contact cpdp@rpca.edu.au.

    For further information regarding RCPA recency of practice, please refer to the following:
    • RCPA Position Statement - Recency of Practice - see here
    • RCPA Policy - Continuing Professional Development Program - see here

Changes to CPDP Requirements from 1 January 2024  

Changes to the RCPA Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) requirements will be implemented from 1 January 2024.

From 1 January 2024: the required CPD hours will be reduced from the current 60 hours (15 hours for each of the four categories) to 50 hours, and the current four CPD categories will reduce to three categories (Educational Activities, Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes).  In the updated system, RCPA members will have greater choice about where to allocate their CPD hours, as shown in the table below:

New CPD Program Requirements from 1 January 2024
Cat A - Educational Activities 12.5 hours min + 12.5 hours Total 50 hours
Cat B - Reviewing Performance 5 hours min +15 hours
Cat C - Measuring Outcomes 5 hours min

In addition, the codes will be reformed by merging similar activities under more general descriptions, resulting in the current 72 codes in four categories being reduced to 25 codes in three categories.

Please note: the CPD requirement until 31 December 2023 is still for 60 hours per annum, including 15 hours per category. If you are completing CPD for 2023 or before, you are expected to comply with the 60-hour, four category requirements.

Further note: The College CPD system has now been updated to reflect these changes. Members are now able to enter their 2024 CPD activities, and continue to have access to complete their 2023 CPD entries. 

For full details of the new and previous requirements, please refer to the relevant Information Manuals below.  

Alternatively, should you have any questions, please email cpdp@rcpa.edu.au

RCPA CPDP Information Manual - 2023 and prior years


RCPA CPDP Information Manual - from 1 January 2024

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