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Welcome to the RCPA Online Training Portal (OTP) Page

This page has been created to share information regarding the implementation of the College’s Online Training Portal (OTP) and will be updated when new details become available.

In July 2022, The College announced (here) the implementation of an OTP, developed by UK-based company Fry.  The OTP will track the journey from candidate application through to high-stakes exams.

Recently, Fry has announced that it has rebranded and will become risr/ from October 31, 2022.

To this end, the module names are changing too, as shown below, and will form the unified risr/ platform:

  • Practique will become risr/assess (for all exams) 
  • Kaizen will become risr/advance (for WBA and the portfolio) 
  • E-Booking will become risr/apply (for registrations) 

The risr/ website explains how the IT platform functions and the College will share branding updates as they become available.

With the implementation of the OTP, candidates can expect to experience changes to administrative processes, initial and exam registrations, billing, facilitation of examinations, and provision of portfolio evidence. These changes will occur gradually over the next two years.

Starting in late 2022, candidates will be able to complete their initial registration and exam registrations online, removing the need to mail hard copies to the College.

In 2023, the following examinations will be facilitated online via risr/assess:

  • BPS
  • Chemical Pathology Part I Written
  • Genetic Pathology Part I Written
  • Faculty of Science Part I Written
  • NPAAC exams (Written)

Candidates sitting these exams in 2023 will receive detailed information in due course, via email, and FAQs are in the process of being developed. Please take careful note of the minimum technical and venue requirements for these online examinations.

As one can appreciate, there are many facets involved in making a Project such as this a success. We value your patience and understanding as we begin to implement the changes and ask that you refer to this page for any updates or await emails from the College regarding the changes and how they may impact you.


The OTP Steering Project Team

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