Rational Use of Investigations

iNvestigate is a collaborative project of the RCPA and UNSW to promote appropriate and cost-effective use of diagnostic investigations. The program offers sets of interactive online case-based exercises for junior doctors, general practitioners and trainee physicians. The cases are also highly recommended for new pathology Trainees.

This project, led by Prof Rakesh Kumar and a team at the University of NSW was funded by the Australian Government under the Quality Use of Pathology Program and was supported and endorsed by the RCPA.

iNvestigate uses data from the RCPA Manual to provide detailed information about individual Pathology tests. The Medicare Benefits Schedule is used as the data source for indicative costs of investigations.

All cases may be accessed at http://investigate.med.unsw.edu.au.

Please try this program for yourself, and promote it to prevocational doctors and clinical registrars in your institution.

If you have any questions please email Education, education@rcpa.edu.au.

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