Introduction to genomics for public health and clinical microbiology

Date: Wednesday 01 May - Friday 03 May 2019

Microbiological Diagnostic Unit Public Health Laboratory
Doherty Institute, 792 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Price: Registrars: $150
Consultants: $475

Course summary
This course, designed for microbiology registrars and clinical microbiologists, will introduce the concepts of microbial genomic sequencing and provide practical experience in the analysis and interpretation of genomic data for public health action and clinical microbiology. The course will consist of a series of lectures covering the generation of sequence data, bioinformatics and phylogeny, and using genomics for public health and clinical microbiology. This will be complemented by observation of the laboratory workflow, opportunities for discussion, and a practical session on interpretation of genomic data.

In all cases, the course will focus on the skills required to answer questions relevant to public health. The course has been designed to align with the RCPA NPAAC certification modules for microbiology.

Learning outcomes

  •  Understanding of the technical challenges and sample requirements for microbial genomic   sequencing
  •  Understanding of bioinformatic interrogation of genomic data as it relates to public health
  •  An understanding of phylogenetic trees and the limitations of data interpretation
  •  An understanding of the application of genomics to public health and clinical settings

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