Accreditation of sites for Training Programs

The College is responsible for accrediting workplaces for the training of pathologists and Faculty members. Accreditation ensures that sites which provide training are appropriately staffed and equipped. Site visits may be conducted during the 5-year accreditation period and some visits may be carried out in collaboration with representatives of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians where joint training programs are in place. Faculty of Science Trainees are required to train at a site that is accredited for the discipline in which they are training. Sites that are accredited for pathology training normally fall into this category. However, in cases where there is no pre-existing accreditation for pathology training, accreditation for the discipline-specific Faculty of Science Program should be sought.

This accreditation process is separate to that carried out by NATA/RCPA or IANZ or other such bodies. However, Fellows as part of the NATA/RCPA or IANZ site visits will discuss pathology training programs with the laboratory and provide written feedback back to the College.

The Accreditation of sites for Training Programs includes the standards. For any additional information please contact

You can also refer to the policy and step guide below for an outline of the accreditation process:

The Annual Audit form is used by accredited sites to indicate changes in staffing, caseload or scope of their work which impacts on the training program.

Note: The PDF version is automated and provides instructions for completing the form on-screen.

To find sites that are accredited with the RCPA for Training, please download the Accredited Sites Excel spreadsheet below. The list includes Name, Id, Discipline, Contact details and an accreditation end date. You can select the sites by discipline and/or by state. If you would like to filter the spreadsheet by any other category e.g. country then use the Heading Filters located at the top of each column. You can sort the contents of the spreadsheet by a combination you require by first saving it to your computer and then reopen it using your spreadsheet application.

Should you not be an RCPA member and need to confirm the status of a sites accreditation, please email

The Accreditation Application forms for the appropriate disciplines are listed below:

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