Specialist Training Program

The Specialist Training Program (STP or Program) is an Australian Commonwealth Government initiative designed to extend vocational training for specialist registrars into settings outside traditional metropolitan teaching hospitals, with an emphasis on training in rural and remote areas and private laboratories. From 1 January 2010 the STP became the single platform for Commonwealth grants support for specialists training. The Program aims to improve the quality of the future specialist workforce by providing registrars with exposure to a broader range of healthcare settings.

RCPA administers the STP and the funding of eligible training positions on behalf of the Commonwealth.

The Specialist Training Program includes three complementary streams;
  • Specialist Training Placements and Support
  • The Tasmanian Project that supports the employment of supervisors and trainees in the Tasmanian public health system; and
  • The Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) (RCPA does not currently participate in this stream)

The STP Operational Framework developed by the Department of Health provides background and information on STP, outlines the aims, objectives, outcome parameters and governance of the STP.

The aims and objectives of the STP are to;
  • Enhance the capacity of the health care sector to provide high quality, appropriate training opportunities to facilitate the required educational experiences for specialists in training;
  • Support quality training posts that build the overall training capacity in the system, by extending specialist training into new “expanded” healthcare settings; and
  • Contribute to improving medical workforce distribution.

In addition to establishing specialist training posts, the Program also provides funds for a range of support activities, including developing system wide education and infrastructure support projects to enhance training opportunities for eligible trainees.

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