College Policies

The College's Policy Manual contains a wide range of documents. These documents were developed by the College and approved by the Board of Directors to reflect the College stance on the many issues it needs to address.

This section contains one document, the Charter for the Board of Directors (the overseeing committee of the College).

Board Charter (188 kB)

The College produces a number of Guidelines to provide advice to Fellows, Trainees, Employers and the general and medical community on a range of issues.

BPS Awards (154 kB)

Includes a large number of documents which are not definitive but designed to provide guidance on a variety of internal and external matters.

Biobanking (59 kB)

These are definitive documents which the College has produced and are to be followed as described. They cover both internal and external matters and relate to Fellows, Trainees and others.

Code of Ethics (166 kB)
Privacy Policy (264 kB)
Retraining (86 kB)
Travel (132 kB)

The documents describe areas which lack clarity or opinions could vary. They state where the College stands on particular issues.

Ergonomics (193 kB)
Telepathology (143 kB)

The goal of the National Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer Project is to develop a suite of standardised cancer protocols that will when implemented improve the completenesss of pathology reporting of cancer.

PITUS describe the rules and provide guidelines for adoption, and acknowledge the work completed by the PITUS project teams.

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