The National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

The establishment of state-based cervical screening registers was an important contributor to the organised approach to cervical screening, providing the mechanism for following up abnormal results and issuing reminders for rescreening. The first registry to be established, the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry was formed in 1989. This was followed in subsequent years by the establishment of individual registries in all Australian states and territories.

The Australian Government has established the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR, or Register) to support delivery of the renewed NCSP and the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. The NCSR replaced the previous state-based cervical screening registers. The Register contains the clinical screening history for every woman who has ever participated in cervical screening from the migration of data from state and territory cervical screening registers. Medicare data will be used to identify women in the eligible age group (25-74 years) who have never screened.

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