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Pathology Awareness Australia is a group that represents interests across the entire field of pathology in Australia.  We are conducting the Know Pathology, Know Healthcare campaign on behalf of public pathology laboratories, private pathology companies, pathology professionals and manufacturers and suppliers to industry.

Australians are fortunate to have a world class pathology system available to them, and it is widely used. Studies show that pathology is involved in 70% of medical treatment decisions in developed countries. 60% of Australians will have at least one pathology episode each year. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities for Australians to learn about what pathology is and the contribution it makes to their healthcare.

In many cases, sample collection is performed by a nurse or doctor at a clinic. For health and safety reasons, the public cannot enter laboratories. To ensure correct interpretation in light of medical history, results are delivered to patients via their referring doctor. For these reasons, there is limited direct contact between the public and their pathology services.

In popular culture such as medical dramas and movies, pathology is often overlooked or grossly misrepresented.

The Know Pathology, Know Healthcare campaign has been designed with the following aims in mind:

  • To educate Australians about what pathology is and the value it represents, both to personal health and national health budget;
  • To let MPs know that Australians value their pathology service and it should be protected;

Almost all Australians will benefit from pathology during their lifetime. We encourage you to support your pathology service and help us keep it the best in the world.

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