Anatomical Pathology

Macroscopic Cut-Up Manual

This manual has been published to support qualified staff in accredited Anatomical Pathology laboratories1 with macroscopic cut-up procedures and reporting.

Protocols for the range of specimens processed in diagnostic pathology laboratories have been included. Detailed illustrations and a number of instructive videos are also provided. General laboratory information is also provided. Dictation templates are included in every specimen protocol.

See versions page for detail on releases and amendments.

Authors: Dr Simon Kinga, Margaret Dimechb with the support of the Project Steering Committeec, and many contributorsd from the RCPA including Expert Groups of the Structured Reporting of Cancer Projecte.

Original illustrations: Marcus Cremonesef

Photographs: S. King, M. Dimech, H-S Yoon, P. Kumarasinghe, B. de Boer, F. Bonar and A. Thomas.

Videos: M. Heap and G. Miller, Audio Adviceg, L. Hughes, L. Rassam, A. Charlton, S. Arbuckle, B. Scurry, A. Harris, S. King and M. Dimech.

Citing this reference: King S, Dimech M. Anatomical Pathology Macroscopic Cut-up Manual, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Surry Hills NSW, 2015 [updated 1 Nov 2023]. Available from:

Illustrations on this page are reproductions from Gray's Anatomy2 now in the public domain (copyright has expired).

An initiative of the RCPA Specialist Training Project with funding from the Department of Health.

1. National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC). Requirements for Medical Pathology Services. Third edition. Canberra: Australian Government, Department of Health; 2018.

2. Gray H. Gray's Anatomy. Lea & Febiger, New York, 1918.

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