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Webpage Styling

Format (Paragraph Formats)

Heading 1 above (Webpage Styling) should only be used for the page title and only ONCE on the page. Heading 2 is above, "Paragraph Formats". Ensure ALL paragraph text has "Normal" applied. This can be found in the Paragraph Format menu in editor.

This is a "Pull Quote". A pull quote should be at least a line long in normal text. Highlight the text, and select "Pull Quote" in the Styles menu.

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Styles (Block Styles)

Other paragraph text can be highlighted using the following styles:

Red Text - Italicised, bolded and underlined.

Orange Text - Italicisedbolded and underlined.

This is the MacroCutUp Intro Text.

Text in a "Grey Box" is used for eLearning module pages to highlight an activity or reference. Or it can be used to highlight contact details or any other important information.
"Red Text Grey Box" is this and is bolded and italicised by default.

When inserting an image, select the image, and select "Image on Left" from the Styles menu. As a guide, the Image should be no bigger than 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels in height unless it is being used as a banner, in which case it should be 670 pixels to align with the width of the editable text area.

For caption text, highlight the text and select "Caption" from the dropdown menu.

To Clear formatting, use the Remove Format button in the editor - it looks like, "Tx", before the "Bold" button.

If this space is to be empty, then "Enters/Returns" must be inserted here to ensure the content begins from the far left of the page (as the image is set to wrap text).


Other Formatting

Paste in content or type in points, highlight and select the unordered list button.
  • Dot point 1
  • Dot point 2
  • Dot point 3
Paste in content or type in points, highlight and select the ordered list button, AND the Paragraph Format of "Normal (DIV)" must be selected as well to make the text standard colour.
  1. Numbered point 1
  2. Numbered point 2
  3. Numbered point 3