Becoming A Pathologist

Pathology is the study of disease, or any condition that limits the quality, length or enjoyment of life. From the time a new life is created to the time it ends, pathology is involved. Pathology touches every facet of medicine and therefore society.

In fact “Medicine Is Pathology”.

Pathologists are medical doctors with at least 13 years of training.

As both a pure and applied science, many major advances have been made in medical practice as a result of research carried out by pathologists and scientists – immunisation against infectious diseases, organ transplantation, safe blood transfusion, genetics and forensics.

By pursuing a career in pathology you become involved in medicine at its purest level.

Most people do not realise that pathologists diagnose every detected cancer in the world and that they are involved in the diagnosis and monitoring of all acute and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, blood disorders and infections. Even less well known is that pathologists are also intimately involved in the management of these often life threatening conditions.

One of the best aspects of a career in pathology is the wide variety of cases seen, which never ceases to be interesting and challenging. The College also offers training to Senior Scientists and Dentists.

Most pathologists work with a range of medical specialists, including general practitioners and laboratory scientists and the work frequently involves the integration of laboratory and clinical medicine.

When compared to other specialties, a pathologist’s lifestyle is excellent with little on call work required, leaving time available for family and other interests.

The College also offers training to Senior Scientists and Dentists.


Interested in working in Pathology?

The fascinating and rewarding careers in pathology take many years of training. To be a pathologist, you must first train to become a doctor, followed by at least five years of training in an accredited pathology laboratory and the completion of a number of examinations.

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