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The RCPA Foundation administers several awards and receives reports from award recipients.

RCPA Foundation Mike and Carole Ralston Travelling Fellowship 2020 Recipient: Dr Imogen Caldwell for her application: “The genomic assessment of Lymphoma of CART Cells constructs using Cf DNA”

Dr Imogen Caldwell“As the recipient of the 2020 RCPA Foundation Mike and Carole Ralston Travelling Fellowship I have undertaken a molecular haematology fellowship at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia where I have been involved in both research and the routine diagnostic reporting of next generation sequencing (NGS) targeted gene panels in the molecular haematology laboratory. My research projects have focused on lymphoma genomics and utilising NGS assays for measurable residual disease analysis, particularly in patients undergoing CAR T-cell therapy. I am so grateful to the RCPA Foundation for the generous support which enabled me to undertake this fellowship. The knowledge and skills I have gained have been invaluable and I hope to use these to contribute to the field of precision medicine over the course of my career.”



Dr Imogen Caldwell"My name is Theresa Ly and I am an Anatomical pathologist at Concord hospital. I was the recipient of Bev Rowbothams Pathology Leaders scholarship in 2021. I recently completed the AICD Company Directors Course in a one week intensive. Thereafter there were three assessments to complete to gain the post nominals. It brought back memories of exams from university days but also allowed be to engage and collaborate with my fellow peers who came from areas such as the Navy, patent law, investment banking, digital management, other government departments and former Australian cricketers! Understanding their perspectives was a great way to expand my own thinking.

Completing the Company Directors Course through Bev Rowbotham’s Pathology Leaders award has been a great experience in learning practical and relevant skills for use in the Board room setting. These skills also have clear relevance in the hospital setting such as how best to work in and coordinate a department, how to advocate for patients and staff, and strategies to negotiate with hospital management/executive staff . I now understand the importance of governance, legal and regulatory issues, strategy, risk and financial statements and how Directors have to constantly think about this.

The course, however, was reflective on the lack of diversity in board rooms around Australia and the world. There were 25% women who attended and only myself as a culturally diverse participant (4%). It’s important that boards become more reflective of society at large! I will use the skills gained to contribute back to the RCPA and my workplace, along with involvements with AMA NSW. It is also a stepping stone in considering management or executive roles in the future. This is a course that will differentiate individuals when applying for these positions. I am grateful that was the recipient for 2021! It recognises that we aren’t just pathologists but also future pathology leaders that will be equipped with the relevant skills! Thank you Bev!"

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