Training with RCPA

The following section provides administrative details for Trainees and prospective Trainees of the college.

Annual Registrations

Each year after Initial Registration as a Trainee, Trainees must reapply for Annual Registration.

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Admission to RCPA Fellowship

Application for Admission to Fellowship

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General Information

General Information on training with the RCPA.

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Important Dates for Training

A list of dates throughtout the year identified as important for Trainees.

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Initial Registration

Information on applying for training with the College.

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Joint Trainees with RCPA

This section provides information for Joint Trainees with RCPA and RACP.

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Laboratory Accreditation for Training

The College accredits laboratories for training pathologists. This section provides information on Lab Accreditation for Training.

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Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees for Training, Examinations and Oversees Trained Specialist assessments.

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Supervisor Reports

Trainees are required to submit an Annual Supervisor's Report each year and for rotations within a year.

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Training Positions

Information on Training Positions.

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Training Time Credits

A set of tables that provide guidance about training time credits that may be granted in recognition of prior learning.

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