Annual Registrations

Each year following Initial Registration, Trainees must reapply for Annual Registration and provide a Prospective Training Program, signed by the Trainee and Supervisor and the previous years Supervisor Report. The closing date to submit Annual Registration Forms and supporting documents is the 29th of February for Single Discipline Trainees, and the 30th of April for Joint Trainees. Trainees who do not re-register by the closing date will be considered “Incomplete Trainees” and removed from the mailing list and denied web access.

All Trainees will need to pay the Annual Training Fee, see below.

Please refer to the Important Dates for Training for submission dates of Annual Registration details here.

Payment of Annual Training Fees 2024

All continuing trainees with the RCPA will be invoiced Annual Training Fees. New trainees joining the College will be invoiced after their initial registration has been confirmed. Annual Registration Invoices will be emailed to Trainees in mid-January. Annual Training Fees are to be paid by 1 March. Annual Registrations will remain incomplete until the Annual fee payment has been received.

RCPA Schedule of Fees


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